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Our social event planning specialists established excellent relationships with some of the best venues and vendors, entertainers. Our experienced social event planners will guide you through the process required to make your event a Great Event! Our special talent is our ability to infuse the event with your personality to create a more personal celebration that will be enjoyable and memorable.

  • Event Theme: We will provide you with fresh design ideas to give your event a signature look and will keep it on "theme" from invitations to parting favors;

  • Social Event Planning: At Great Events, our core competency is in our ability to effectively plan and coordinate all aspects of social events. Our event planners are extremely detail oriented. We help take the stress out of planning by carefully executing every detail of your event from the invitations to the final step;

  • Event Services: We offer a comprehensive range of event services to meet any budget. We are proud of our relationships with local caterers, florists, photographers, entertainers and venues and our ability to bring them together as a team, committed to your event;

  • Event Budget: We work diligently to negotiate the best possible rates with all event vendors, utilizing our detailed vendor agreement contract to avoid common pitfalls.

Contact us today for a free social event consultation and get started with planning your great wedding day!


For many social events, our experience shows that timing and sequencing of activities is an important crucial factor in making an event a great event. This process can be complicated if not properly managed. At Great Events, we specialize in coordinating all aspect of planning to ensure your social event is planned strategically so it flows smoothly.

At Great Events, we pride ourselves on our ability to focus in on every detail our client's social event planning requirements. Our ultimate goal is to streamline our client's social event planning process to save time, energy, and provide the best services for your event budget. Over the past 20 years, our legacy has been the planning an creation of memorable events that exceed both client and guests' expectations and goals.


Our commitment is to provide a complete social event service, from the planning, execution and review. Our social event team planners will help create an exceptional experience for you and your guests. Our social event planners planned numerous social events and they know exactly what to do. They know good vendors that can provide you with a quality service and what you need. They can keep track of your schedule and anything that you need to take care of personally and make sure that everything is in order. They can also handle unforeseen situations during the event.

Our social event planners are there to guide and assist you. Our social event planners are there to help your dream become a reality and have the most beautiful and unforgettable social event. Our social event planners can save you from a lot of headaches and make sure you are within budget and obtaining the best services for your dream social event. Contact us today for a FREE Social Event Planner E-Mail Consultation and get started with planning your great social event!