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Our Golf Outing Planning Specialists provides a single-vendor solution to facilitate and manage all the necessary arrangements associated with your golf event. Our golf outing planning services are designed to manage the golf event marketing, administration and logistical tasks. In today's world of business, building stronger relationships and acquiring new customers is instrumental to the success of your company. Golf outings and golf related activities have become an effective way for many companies to bring their sales teams, customers, prospects and partners closer together. Great Events specializes in golf outing planning. Contact us today for a free golf outing event consultation and get started with planning your great golf outing event!


Like all good events, golf outing planning is key. Our golf outing planners will help you define the scope of the outing and provide site selection options. To gain instant credibility with the golf community, sponsors and guest pros that attend, we can help choose an exclusive course that is highly rated in your area including private courses. Forging a strong partnership with a golf course can help you establish a strong foundation for a successful outing or charity golf tournament. Our golf outing specialists will negotiate with several golf courses for the dates, times, prices, to get a great deal and make sure you feel comfortable with the terms and the staff at the course as you want to make sure the course will treat your guests to a great day of hospitality! Our golf outing planners will:

  • Develop budget and scope of golf outing event
  • Select and manage golf outing site
  • Manage player registrations and golf teams
  • Organize pre golf outing event promotions
  • Place company & sponsor logos, course maps, course photos online
  • Sell and promote sponsorships online
  • List auction items online and collect pre-event bids
  • Generate tournament stats
  • View event planning progress
  • Generate post golf outing report


Our commitment is to provide a complete golf outing event service, from the planning, execution and review. Our golf outing event team planners will help create an exceptional experience for you and your guests. Our golf outing event planners planned numerous golf outing events and they know exactly what to do. They know good golf courses and vendors that can provide you with a quality service and what you need. They can keep track of your schedule and anything that you need to take care of personally and make sure that everything is in order. They can also handle unforeseen situations during the event.

Our golf outing event planners are there to guide and assist you. Our golf outing event planners are there to help your dream become a reality and have the most beautiful and unforgettable golf outing event. Our golf outing planners can save you from a lot of headaches and make sure you are within budget and obtaining the best services for your dream golf outing event. Contact us today for a FREE Golf Outing Planner E-Mail Consultation and get started with planning your great golf outing!