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Our Event Marketing Specialists top priority is providing our clients with a quality, profitable, professional event. We understand clients can become overwhelmed by the choices and time involved in planning and marketing a special event. A business may not have the staff or time to organize their own functions, or may need assistance with a particular event component. Perhaps your event needs a fresh idea to increase revenue. We can help and we have a proven track record of success. Contact us today for a free event marketing consultation and get started with planning your great event!


Each event marketing effort is unique. Our Event Marketing Planners take care of the details including site selection, target market research, product sampling, on-site entertainment, marketing material development, booth management, electric, sound, and lighting management so you and your guests can relax and enjoy! We provide onsite management to ensure your function runs smoothly. Our Event Marketing Planners believe no event is too big, no detail too small. Our dedicated Event Marketing Planners serve as the liaison between you, the event facility, and all vendors. We are creative, highly organized, and both efficient and effective.

Our Event Marketing Planners understand the importance of community relationships and we will work exceptionally well with you, your staff, volunteers, and sponsors. Let our Event Marketing Planners assist your business in showcasing a professional, profitable, and quality event that your clients and community partners will rave about!


Our commitment is to provide a complete event marketing service, from the preparation to the execution of the event marketing plan. Our event marketing planners will help create a great experience for you and your guests. Our event marketing planners have already planned numerous events and know exactly what to do. They know good vendors that can provide you with a quality service and what you need. They can keep track of your event marketing schedule and anything that you need to take care of personally and make sure that everything is in order. They can also handle unforeseen situations during the event.

Our event marketing planners are there to guide and assist you. Our event marketing planner are there to help your event become a reality and have the most beautiful and unforgettable event. Our event marketing planner can save you from a lot of headaches and make sure you are within budget and obtaining the best services for your event. Contact us today for a FREE Event Marketing Planner E-Mail Consultation and get started with planning your great event!